Friday, September 24, 2010

"Will you Marry me?" nopes dude..not any more

“Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence…… a life sentence.”
True or false
This question would probably be the toughest one to answer in a rapid fire round for any MARRIED MAN/ WOMAN of the new era. In the mind of new age people Mariage has become an unwanted pressurized action by their “social” parents rather than a sweet lovable responsibility and relationship between a man and a lady. Marriage was considered one of the most divine bonds between two people in early days. But time changed, mind changed. Can we say marriage has lost its own value? Hmmm…a big silence follows.
Let’s look at the scenario of new generation- Technology- at its best (tries to be better than best), Media- media becoming mania..tremendously innovative and advanced and Globalization- going beyond globe..time to UNIVERSILAZATION. Is that all we need to live? Then, what about relationship? What about emotions? The true bond between two hearts? We can spend 48 hours continuous at office, working day and night, but we can’t spend 48 quality minutes with our better half, simply because its wastage of time. Life has become a machine, its works, it does not know how to smile, how to cry. When wife returns home husband sleeps, when husband goes for work, wife sleeps. The only way they communicate with each other is message board. They only talk when they argue. This is the situation in most urban area’s young married working couple. As usual the effect is they get apart due to a small issue. They can compromise at their work place, but they cannot adjust with their life partner. However, in India the condition is much better. We may bind to be corporate slaves, but we still respect the value of relationships, we still maintain our culture, our ritual. Probably this is the only reason India stands last in the list of unsuccessful marriage, its only 1.1%.
The new generation should realize that marriage needs fondness, quality time, understanding and of course capability of adjusting with each other. As Peter De Vries rightly said – “The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly.”


  1. well written.. sadly, things have changed so much over the last generation that the matrimony is anything BUT HOLY.

    I guess, too many expectations, too many misunderstandings and too little capacity to adjust all have come in with time.

  2. Nicely composed... Yes nowadays everything has surprising become so digitalised and mechanised. People have stopped valuing the true sense of love and affection. Husbands and wives are busy making money n become rich monetarily but become poorer by heart and each time that happens relationship goes down to a new low. And matrimony has sadly not remained a holy, pious bond...and unfortunately the message from our generation to the next is not going to be a good one...unless...WE CHANGE!